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RadarSimM v2.0 Release

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The MATLAB interface of RadarSimX, known as RadarSimM, utilizes the powerful backend engine called RadarSimCpp. This interface is designed to provide radar transceiver modeling and baseband simulation capabilities for both point targets and 3D models. It offers similar features as the RadarSimPy interface.


RadarSimM v2.0 is the latest version of our radar simulation software, packed with new features, enhancements, and optimizations to provide you with an even better radar simulation experience. This release brings improvements in performance, user interface, and functionality.

Key Features

    1. Radar Modeling
    • Model radar transceivers with precision and accuracy.
    1. Arbitrary Waveform
    • Generate arbitrary waveforms for comprehensive radar simulation.
    1. Phase Noise
    • Incorporate phase noise modeling for more realistic radar scenarios.
    1. Phase/Amplitude Modulation
    • Implement phase and amplitude modulation techniques in radar simulation.
    1. Fast-Time/Slow-Time Modulation
    • Utilize fast-time and slow-time modulation for dynamic radar scenarios.
    1. Simulation of Radar Baseband Data from Point Targets
    • Simulate radar baseband data accurately from point targets.
    1. Simulation of Radar Baseband Data from 3D Modeled Objects/Environment
    • Extend simulation capabilities to 3D modeled objects and environments using ray tracing.

Installation Instructions

Follow these steps to install RadarSimM v2.0 on your system:

  • Download the compiled module from RadarSimM
  • Put @RadarSim folder into your workpath.

How to Use

Check the examples files example_*.m.Learn how to make the most of RadarSimM v2.0 with our comprehensive user guide. Find detailed instructions and tips for using each feature.

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