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The MATLAB interface of RadarSimX, utilizes the powerful backend engine RadarSimCpp.

I am truly grateful for your support and would like to extend my sincere thanks for considering a donation to sustain my efforts! Opting not to donate will still grant you access to the “Free Tier” version, albeit with certain limitations on its features.

By downloading, you agree to RadarSimM’s license.

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Key Features

  • Radar Modeling

    • Radar transceiver modeling
    • Arbitrary waveform
    • Phase noise
    • Phase/amplitude modulation
    • Fast-time/slow-time modulation
  • Simulation

    • Simulation of radar baseband data from point targets
    • Simulation of radar baseband data from 3D modeled objects/environment
    • Simulation of interference
    • (TODO) Simulation of target’s RCS
    • (TODO) Simulation of LiDAR point cloud from 3D modeled objects/environment



  • Download the compiled module.
  • Try the files in `examples`.

Windows x86_64 CPU, Windows x86_64 GPU