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Interferometric Radar

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Consider utilizing RadarSimPy for a simulation example involving interferometric radar. This simulation employs RadarSimPy to capture subtle movements of an ideal point target, showcasing the radar’s measurement capabilities.

Arbitrary Waveform

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In the subsequent illustration, we will harness the potential of arbitrary waveform simulation in RadarSimPy to assess the impact of a non-linear chirp within the context of an FMCW radar scenario.

PMCW Radar

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RadarSimPy offers support for various modulation schemes. This sample serves as a demonstration of how to utilize pulse modulation to construct a PMCW radar system, showcasing the fundamental signal processing techniques involved.

Doppler Radar

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Herein is an illustrative instance of a Doppler radar simulation, utilizing the framework of RadarSimPy.

FMCW Radar

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This illustration showcases a simulation of an FMCW radar using the RadarSimPy framework. It additionally provides a demonstration of fundamental range and Doppler processing techniques for extracting target range and velocity information.