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Doppler of a Turbine

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  1. I cannot reproduce this example. I have used th exact model and code from your github. When I run it I get no errors. The scene calculation completes in 1-2 seconds. With noise=false I get 0 for all baseband values. Do you know of any common error in execution that I might be falling into? I have also tried running another ray tracing example (FMCW Radar with a Car) and was able to reproduce your results. I’m not sure what exactly is wrong with this particular example.

    1. Hi Chelsea,
      I noticed you are using the CPU version of radarsimpy. This example is very demanding for the computation due to `level=”sample”` setting. For my workstation with Intel i7 CPU and 64 GB RAM, it needs >50 minutes to run the scene calculation. I don’t know what happened in your case as no errors were reported. However, I do recommend to try this example with a more powerful computer or with GPU.

      1. Found the error. Thanks for letting me know about the calculation time. I was not expecting it to take that long and on a couple of the runs when I was able to get it to work I stopped it at the 15 min mark cause I thought it had timed out.

        1. Glad to hear that. Thanks for letting me know!
          In order to capture the accurate Doppler properly of rotation, I have set `level=”sample”`, which means ray tracing will run for each sample and there are 16000 samples in total for this case. GPU will have a lot of advantage in this kind of scenario.

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